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22nd September
written by spd
Foie Gras Entier carving station.  (img: David Kaley)

Foie Gras Entier carving station. (img: David Kaley)

My boyfriend, David, recently returned from his cousin’s wedding in Paris.  While looking through his photos, my jaw dropped when we came to this picture of the hors d’œuvre line.  Look at that mammoth piece of whole foie! Given that most of his family is from France and Hungary, the two largest producers and consumers of foie gras, I suppose it should come as no surprise that they had a foie gras carving station at the reception.  Generous chunks sprinkled with a little fleur de sel and served on crustini… can you even?

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  1. John

    So sick. Tell David that if he needed a date, i would have gladly stood in for you Sean.