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25th July
written by spd

Fred 62. (img: Sean Patrick Doyle)

Located in the heart of the artsy Los Feliz district, this conspicuous corner diner is the creation of two Freds, both born in 1962.  At once nostalgia-triggering and foreign, Fred 62‘s interior combines kitschy artwork with Googie signage and that classic Brady Bunch burnt orange and puke green.  This might be off-putting if it weren’t so deliberately designed to take ya back!  The kitchen here puts out dishes that are just as creative as some of the sculpted hair hanging from the tattood and pierced clientele… and that’s saying something.  The menu consists largely of modern takes on American classics, such as the Cobb Salad — presented here with a Thai twist.  Shredded chicken, bacon and chopped egg are now paired with stringy papaya, peanuts, and fried wontons, handsomely plated in a square form on the round plate.  Some classics aren’t manipulated a bit, only presented in tip-top form.  Take the Jucy Lucy Burger.  No, it’s not topped with blue cheese or grilled portabella; the simple throwback burger is topped with chopped red onion and iceberg and house Thousand Island.  But it’s on a superb bun, specifically commissioned by the Freds, so it won’t fall apart when you sink your cuspids into their juicy chuck.  Breads for their sandwich “towers” are also custom-made at a local bakery.  Rounded edges eliminate the testy negative space that comes with square corners… so your sliced turkey aligns perfectly with the golden crust.  For dessert, indulge in their take on the pop-tart: “Punk Tarts” filled with apple, and served a la mode.

Fred 62.  1850 N. Vermont Avenue, LA, CA.  ph. 323.667.0062

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