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20th February
written by spd
(img: Sean Patrick Doyle)

(img: Sean Patrick Doyle)

The Castelo affords the best views in all of Lisbon.  After spending a week gazing up at it, David and I finally made the trek up the hill, through the Alfama, to the shaded courtyards and fortified walls.  Nowhere else is the history of this city so palpable…. from the Moors in the 9th Century to the crusaders of the 12th Century, these grounds were central to Lisbon life for over a thousand years.  The walls protected kings, housed prisoners, you name it.  And the view, of course, is breathtaking!

This entry concludes our adventures in Lisbon.  Although not featured with individual entries, David and I also had lovely meals at the pricey Conventual, the chic Sacramento de Chiado, and the airy Restaurante Mercado de Santa Clara (mentioned in Frances Mays’ A Year in the World).  I still have to post updates from three days in Madrid that followed, and I fear I’m terribly behind!  But stay tuned, because these past few weeks in New York have been wonderful (and delicious!), with trips to Le Cirque, Mercer Kitchen, and the crown jewel… Per Se!